Change your team by praised Culture

Use OneBonus for Turnover rate improvement, solve dissatisfaction for Personnel assessment

Do you worry about Team management in Vietnam?

There is no end to worry about Team management in Vietnam.
It is not easy to keep good retention rate in Vietnam.
OneBonus is solution to help this problem.

Low retention rate

Even though hired, quit job soon and can not expand team

Limit of evaluation system

It's bad enough to operate evaluation system,more difficult to operate in Vietnam.

Hiring cost increase.

As a result, hiring cost increase and can not expand team as you want.

OneBonus solve concern of team.

OneBonus is mobile application using “PeerBonus method “ which has attracted attention all over the world.This application enable staff and staff to give praise and small bonus each other.Easy operation and can start using soon, so it can be first step to change team..

Effectiveness for team-productivity..
Solve dissatisfaction for Personnel assessment
Turnover rate improvement

Feature of OneBonus

  • Free trial
  • Easy operation and can start using soon
  • Fit to Vietnamese working culture
  • Our customer support help you carefully

How OneBonus works

Each staff send Praise point

Can send point by mobile phone anytime,anywhere

Get small Bonus

1 point,around 3000VND, small money but big effectiveness

Can monitor team status in admin page

From admin page, can check all data of team

Direct a spotlight on hidden contribution

In a team,there are members who contribute to the team what is hard to catch.Won’t you try to make team which can direct a spotlight on such member?It is scientifically proven that increase praise in a team and increase the engagement,productivity of each member increase and boost sales.

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Introduction video

Please check flow of use

Thanks for Onebonus, our team changed.This method fit to Vietnamese working culture and easy to operate,so OneBonus is “just right” service.
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